Loa Varich V320

V-320 is a two-way passive speaker with a high precision 44-core compression driver, that can bring smooth ultra-high frequency extension performance and extremely clear, translucent treble sound. The unique horn technology provides precise directivity, ensuring that different parts covered by the loudspeaker can be heard evenly. The carefully designed frequency division network and 75-core low-frequency loudspeaker make the low frequency dynamic and thick, which can meet the needs of professional sound reinforcement.

The cabinet is made of high-density plywood, with black water-based paint and dark green flash silver piano paint for customers to choose from. The dark green flash silver piano paint adopts advanced spraying technology, which makes the surface resistant to breaking, bright, and fashionable. 

It is suitable for fixed installation in different venues.

Giá bán: 33.000.000 đ