Loa Varich MK12

MK12 is a two-way stage monitor speaker with high power and high transient response. It provides a frequency range of 60Hz-20kHz, and the system processor optimizes the frequency response curve and the subjective sense of human voice, which brings the ultimate experience to the system engineer and tuner. MK12 consists of a 44-core voice coil ferrite compression unit and a 12-inch ferrite cone woofer to form a large dynamic sound reinforcement system.

The high-frequency part of MK12 uses a 44-core voice coil compression driver and a rotatable constant directivity horn with a 1-inch throat, which is conducive to controlling the directivity of the middle and high pitches. The woofer with a strong combination of the 3-inch voice coil and paper cone rigidity can not only increase the sensitivity of the unit but also increase the strength of the low frequency. The whole speaker can reach a sensitivity of 97dB after DSP optimization so that the speaker can produce a peak sound pressure level of 128dB Output.

The MK12 cabinet has two angle designs for the stage near field and far field and has a variety of hoisting methods; for example, a  customized U-shaped hanger, or a universal 100 mm pre-installed hoisting point and 16 M8 pre-installed hoisting point. Under the condition of ensuring the proper volume of the cabinet, try to reduce the height of the speaker when it is used for stage monitoring so that the cabinet has a compact appearance and a sense of line. The cabinet is composed of 15mm side panels, and the surface is made of wear-resistant black stonetex paint.
Two handles embedded flush with the cabinet are installed on the bottom of the top of the speaker, which is convenient for installation and transportation during stage monitoring; rear wiring board 2 A NL-4 four-pin socket, (1+1-input, 2+2-connection). Rotatable LOGO is more suitable for the use of speakers at any angle. The black perforated iron mesh is covered with sound-permeable mesh cotton, which can protect the speaker unt from dust and water.

Giá bán: 30.000.000 đ