Sub Varich BL118S

BL-118S is a subwoofer that can provide a frequency range of 38-250Hz. Due to its phase response, it is designed to be used with various full-range speakers, which can expand the low-frequency response of the system.

BL-118S subwoofer through accurate path calculation, built-in 18-inch high-performance speaker, to achieve surging and elastic low-frequency effect. There are multiple operation modes in the DSP8 processor, which provide perfect results in any environment. It does not have the airflow noise of ordinary ultra-low speakers in large dynamics, adopts the design of phase inversion and bandpass cabinet to increase low-frequency output, and greatly reduces the group delay of the low-frequency band (GROUP DELAY), which can increase the speed of low frequency. At the same time, it reduces the non-linear distortion of the low frequency, so it can fully realize the speed, strength, and thickness of the low frequency.

The box is made of birch plywood, and the surface is coated with wear-resistant and anti-collision water-based paint. The ergonomic handle design is convenient for carrying. Equipped with a sturdy perforated iron mesh and sound transmission black mesh cotton inside to ensure minimum acoustic interference and maximum protection of the speaker driver.

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