Sub Varich VS218

VS-218 is a dual 18-inch high sound pressure output ultra-low frequency loudspeaker that provides a powerful low-frequency extension response with huge dynamic headroom. The optimized cabinet design brings a tight and precise low-frequency response, which is ideal for touring performances, bars, nightclubs, and other large fixed installation applications.

The VS-218 subwoofer has built-in two 18-inch high-performance long-stroke low-frequency paper cone units. It's high magnetic flux can enhance energy conversion efficiency, dive depth, and low distortion.

With the TLX-210 line array system to form a perfect combination, it can expand the low-frequency response of the system and form a coherent sound coverage. It can be fixedly installed and used in medium and large places that require precise sound coverage and higher speech intelligibility requirements. At the same time, it is also the ideal low-frequency extension supplement for VS series and B series products.

Giá bán: 32.000.000 đ