Loa Varich VS12P

VS-12P is a two-way passive speaker designed and developed for KTV. The speaker is characterized by excellent vocal effects. Singers of any level can easily play in the experience of this speaker, and the sound performance also has high-quality sound effects. Combined with the adjustment of cabinet melting amount, phase conduit, and sound-absorbing cotton, the loudspeaker also has a good performance in low-frequency performance. It provides a frequency range of 55Hz-18kHz.

This full-range speaker is designed to optimize the sound reinforcement system. It has the delicate and lifelike restoring ability, and truly reproduces the sound deduction of various occasions. There is no burr in the middle and high frequency to avoid ear fatigue. Passion interpretation, dynamic low frequency interpretation, convenient hoisting system. 

It is suitable for conference rooms, stage performances, nightclub side field sound filling systems, and various fixed installation places.

Giá bán: 26.000.000 đ