Sub Varich VS118

VS-118 is an ultra-low speaker with good explosive power and flexibility. It can provide a frequency range of 38-250Hz, diving deep without losing power, and without turbidity. The built-in 100-core high-performance woofer has a powerful sound, high stability, and extremely low distortion. It is a rare ultra-low speaker. Because of its phase response, it is designed to be used with various full-range speakers. It combines perfectly with the TLX-210 line array system, which can expand the low-frequency response of the system.

VS-118 has the characteristics of large sound pressure and high output, which can be used in many places of ultra-low frequency systems and has a wide range of applications; All types of small and medium-sized tour PA systems or permanent fixed installation can be easily controlled.

Giá bán: 17.000.000 đ