Loa AR2H

Model: AR2H

The AR2H line matrix is a two frequency three-way speaker system which greatly improves the system installation and expansion function on the basis of AR2. It takes the Germany AR design philosophy. The sound operation of its atmosphere, clear, meticulous and full strength; The appearance of the atmosphere elegant, highly visual, conforms to the artificial body. AR2H has a high efficiency, low distortion 15 " low frequency drive unit, a unique HI - FI 8 – inch midrange drive and a 1 - inch titanium film high frequency unit.The 8 - inch intermediate frequency drive and the 1 -inch titanium film high frequency unit of the AR2H are mounted on the AR patent karst Horn, the high school voice signal of the AR patent Siamese adopts a unique multi-row horn and constant curvature phase plug. the driver adopts an 8 - inch intermediate frequency unit without the sharp metal sound of the traditional compressed drive. The intermediate frequency point of AR2H is raised to 6.35KHZ, which avoids the phase disorder and intermediate frequency distortion caused by the traditional 1 KHZ - 2 KHZ crossover point, so that the most sensitive intermediate frequency sound can be kept smooth and integrated. The Germany AR patent KARST HORN and special crossover design increase the control force of the AR2H matrix to the sound directivity, and the AR2H can achieve the horizontal projection angle of 90 in a certain distance. AR2H has high sensitivity, it can be obtained by the high pressure level output without a great power. AR2H is suitable as the FOH main sound system for large and medium-sized systems. Multiple AR2H line matrix can be combined into a large linear matrix. The audio system from the AR2H line matrix is widely used in high demand mobile performance, high-end bar club, large studio, professional theater, high demand multifunctional hall and large high-end conference center.


  • Type compact: Active two frequency three-way line matrix speaker system
  • Frequency response: 45Hz-20kHz ± 3dB
  • Drvers: 1x 15”(350mm)/3”(75mm) voice coil, neodymium magnet LF driver
    •   1x 8”(200mm)/2”(51mm) voice coil, ferrite ring magnet MF drive
    •   1x25.4 mm(1 in)exit neodymium magnet compression driver
  • Rated power: LF700W,MF/HF200 AES,LF2800W,MF/HF800W peak
  • Recommended amplifier power: 700-2000 watts /8 ohm load state
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Maximum SPL: 138dB continuous, 146B peak
  • Nominal impedance: LF=8 ohms, HF=8 ohms
  • Dispersion (-6dB): 90° horizontal, 55° vertical
  • Crossover: Bi-amp mode: 58Hz, 536Hz Active, 5kHz Passive
  • Enclosure: 18mm birch plywood throughout
  • Finish: Polyureacoatings
  • Protective grille : Black perforated steel
  • Connectors: 2 x Neutrik NL4
  • Pin connections: pin 1+: LF positive, pin 1-: LF negative
    •  pin 2+: MF/HF positive, pin 2-: MF/HF negative
  • Fittings:       11xM10 hoisting screw holes
    • 2xSteel handle
  • Dimensions: (W) 899mm x (H) 493mm x (D) 467mm
  • Weight: 37.5kg

Giá bán: 66.000.000 đ