Loa Varich V220

V-220 is a post-inverted passive speaker with bright and natural sound, good low-frequency flexibility, and accurate phase connection. V220 is composed of a 44-core (voice coil) tweeter compression driver and a 350W, 75-core ferrite woofer. The sound pressure level is high, and very durable, and the human voice is prominent. The unique wide pointing horn design makes the room coverage more even. Simple installation and hanging design, easy to disassemble. V-220 is suitable for KTV, club, meeting place, and various fixed installation sites and auxiliary sound supplements.

The surface of the cabinet adopts high-quality black water-based paint and dark green flash silver piano paint for customers to choose from. The dark green flash silver piano paint adopts advanced spraying technology, which makes the surface crack-resistant, bright and fashionable. 

Giá bán: 26.000.000 đ