Loa Varich V120

Product  description

V-120 is composed of a 44-core (voice coil) tweeter compression driver and a 12-inch 350W, 75-core ferrite woofer, which is an inverted full-range speaker. The low frequency is strong, the middle and high frequency are bright and penetrating. The unique wide pointing horn design makes the room coverage more even. Simple installation and hanging design, easy to disassemble.

This speaker has delicate and realistic reproduction, strong bass, and outstanding vocal performance. Precise frequency division modulation makes the phase response of each frequency in the working frequency band of the speaker quite consistent; passionate interpretation, dynamic low frequency interpretation, convenient and quick hoisting system.

It is suitable for KTV, clubs, meeting places, various fixed installation places, and auxiliary sound supplements.

GIá bán: 20.000.000 đ